Aniventure is always on the lookout for our next great project – it could be a feature, short or episodic in VFX, CG animation, 2D animation or any combination.

If you have a compelling project with a clean chain of title, you’ve come to the right place. Aniventure and its partners Cinesite, Trixter and Image Engine only review pitches via this page.

  • Must include:
    a) Title
    b) Indication of whether VFX, CG animation, 2D animation or hybrid
    c) Indication of feature, short or episodic
    d) Contact information and all parties currently involved in the project.
    e) List of materials compiled in uploaded PDF.
    f) Links to supporting video clips (you are unable to upload videos here)
  • Please compile your script, storyboard, treatment or any materials you would like us to review into a single PDF file, and upload it below. Files should be no larger than 500mb.
  • Accepted file types: pdf.
  • I understand that Aniventure (the Company) will not review any work without me selecting "I Agree" to the checkbox below the following Submission Agreement.